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Fungi...Friend or Foe?

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

I am a herbalist that finds passion in healing others as well as myself, mentally physically, and spiritually. I write to you with love. To inspire, spark curiosity, and most importantly, Heal 🖤

Fungi...the oldest and most misunderstood ally to our health. Some are afraid of them, some just don't see the value, and some don't know anything at all about them. Wherever you fall I hope this post sparks a little curiosity in you for these ancient wonders that came long before we did.

They lay on the floor of the forest and hide in your garden or under dead tree branches. They clean our environment and connects our forest through wonderous underground networks. The amazing fungi I am referring to are better known as mushrooms, or to dive even deeper, Mycelium.

During World War II the invention of penicillin by Alexander Fleming was a game changer and saved countless lives. That antibiotic was derived from a fungus strain found in a fruit market. For those that may be confused about the difference in fungi and mushrooms, they are the same. All mushrooms are fungi. Think of a mushroom as the flower of the plant. The beautiful fruit body that grows on top and is nice to look at.

Mushrooms fascinate me. Especially the network that lays beneath them. Like the brain of the mushroom, feeding them and connecting the trees, nourishing the plants, and decomposing the waste so the circle of life can continue on.

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