Healing Nature of Plants

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

I am a herbalist that finds passion in healing others as well as myself .mentally physically and spiritually. I write to you with love. To inspire, spark curiosity, and most importantly, Heal 🖤

Everything single drug in distribution by the medical industry today has been derived from an herb. Plants are the original healers and connect with our bodies to bring us back to center. Man-made drugs do the opposite. The body sees them as foreign and from the moment a pill enters your system the body is working to eliminate it. This is why when you take something as simple as Tylenol it can damage your liver over time. This is why I fell in love with herbs. Even though there are lots of drugs on the market to give you a quick fix for pain, they treat the symptoms never giving a cure. Plants can heal without destroying you down the road. With time you can retrain your body on a cellular level to work better than ever before! The body also must detox so that the herbs can be both recognized and received to see lasting results but there are endless possibilities without fear of side effects.

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