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Magic Mu(shrooms)

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

I am a herbalist that finds passion in healing others as well as myself, mentally physically, and spiritually. I write to you with love. To inspire, spark curiosity, and most importantly, Heal 🖤

Time to debunk a giant misconception about a very special species of mushrooms. These lovely little fungi are jam-packed with psilocybin which is widely known as the catalyst that started the great war on drugs movement in the '60s. Nixon made these magical mushrooms a schedule-1 drug and the war that followed sparked fear in all those who were easily influenced and uneducated on the proper usage of this wonderful medicine. If you are suffering from depression or anxiety psilocybin can help and in microdoses, you do not need to feel any psychedelic effects. The most beautiful thing about micro-dosing is that you can experience the healing effects without the high and these effects last unlike the anti-depressants and anxiety drugs currently flooding the market.

Long before you or I came to be Psilocybe cubensis (the species that these mushrooms come from) was enriching our environment and expanding the neurological make up of our ancestors allowing us to overcome language barriers and adapt to our surroundings many moons ago. These mushrooms are not simply created to give you a psychedelic high and that aspect of the mushrooms is not what I am promoting here at all. They were meant to help us evolve and live free of many different illnesses like Alzheimer's.

The secret is in the dosage. Just like going to any pharmacy and getting an exact dosage of something prescribed from your doctor, these things must be measured out and dosed accordingly. You wouldn't go to your doctor and attempt to dig into a pile of oxycodone to figure out how much you need to curb the pain right? Herbs are no different. If used correctly there is a treasure trove of healing right there for you.

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